May 22, 2019

Big Leaf Huanghua Pear: Pick up your hijab

Recently, there are two types of wood that are very hot, one is Jinsin and the other is big leaf huanghuali, referred to as: "big yellow". There is nothing suspense about this material, and the Chinese are already familiar with him. The big leaf huanghuali is not the same, in the wood dictionary, the name can not be found.

This makes people think of other materials, such as Lushi black rosewood, which is commonly known as the big leaf rosewood. When it first entered the Chinese market, some people used it as red sandalwood, namely sandalwood rosewood. It was later confirmed that it was actually L. black Dalbergia, a black rosewood. So, someone gave it the name of "big leaf red sandalwood", the real sandalwood rosewood crown with "lobi rosewood", so that the two become brothers, it seems that it is really a kind of red sandalwood It is.

This situation is not uncommon. Like the so-called "African Pear", it is actually a kind of rosewood, which is not related to the real huanghuali.

"Daiye rosewood" or "African huanghuali", he actually has a real account name, the reason why there is such a common name, in fact, is to "camp the family" want to touch the "royal" bloodline. This is to say "big yellow", the seller's mouth shut "big leaf huanghuali" can not mention its account name, I do not agree. We can understand the seller's intentions, and it is understandable to climb a tall branch. But in my opinion, it is not unreasonable to say its real name. The material is there, it is good or bad, everyone can see clearly, as for calling What name is not really important. You call it "Huanghua Pear", it may not be good; you don't call it "Huanghua Pear", it may not be bad. There is one more author who does not agree with it. That is the magazine of Beijing that has been published for nearly 10 years. We know that it is a professional magazine with strict academic discipline. It is the most popular in the industry and I like it very much. But when it comes to this species, it also uses the non-standard name of "big leaf huanghuali", which seems to be a bit inappropriate. If it is for some mass media, "non-standard" is justifiable. But for it, we have been hoping that it can adhere to the correct direction of public opinion and continue to maintain a rigorous attitude.

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