May 22, 2019

Chinese enterprises should actively develop shale gas mining equipment manufacturing

With the introduction of the shale gas subsidy policy, domestic companies are eager to move. However, the real shot is the US shale gas fund, and it is very broad, and it is an industrial park. Although China's shale gas related technology equipment is still in its infancy, its development trend is inevitable. The eyes of Chinese enterprises should be forward-looking and boldly involved. Government departments should also formulate more effective policies to encourage enterprises to participate. On the one hand, overseas companies have already targeted China's huge shale gas reserves. The shale gas industrial park planned by the Liangjiang New District in Chongqing was invested by the Forbes Shale Gas Fund of the United States. It intends to introduce relevant advanced technology and equipment from the United States, and it will gradually develop a relatively complete industrial chain. Overseas funds are the first to exert their strength, and the forces that may be formed in the future should not be underestimated. The shale gas revolution in the United States will certainly improve its technical equipment level. If the channel is unblocked, it will be imported into China and mined. In the future, China's shale gas market is still estimated to rely heavily on imported technology. On the other hand, Chinese enterprises have been looking around and have not seen any movements. Although the government has introduced a shale gas subsidy policy, Chinese companies are still squandered by local technology vacancies and have not entered boldly. The market prospect of shale gas is undoubted. In order to avoid falling away from other households, relevant leading enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, should actively formulate strategies for the establishment of industrial chains, attract powerful strategic partners, and form small-scale forces to drive the shale gas market. set up. China's shale gas exploration and mining technology is still in its infancy, but the opening of the market has been like a sword. In line with the development of the market, actively adjusting the strategy, focusing on technology research and development, and accelerating catching up is the thing that Chinese enterprises should start. The clean energy sources such as shale gas and coalbed methane are relatively high in China. However, the lack of mining technology and the lack of professional equipment have hindered the development of industrialization. The government and enterprises should conduct detailed consultations on the introduction and research and development of technology and equipment, in order to follow the footsteps of the market and smoothly develop the relevant competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

Snow Melt Salt for Road is a new kind of snow/ice-melting agent, which is made of inorganic salts with additives(corrosion inhibitors). It can be used to melt the snow and ice in the temperature range of 0'C to -45'C .

1, Common roads and Expressways.
2, Yards, Schools and Factories.
3, Common facilities.
1, Low dosage, fast efficiency and long operational time.
2, Antirust, environment friendly.
3, Anti-slippery.
4, Harmless to animal and plant.
5, Low cost, thus it can be used in commercial scale.
1, Appearance: white , light gray granule .
2, physical property: soluble in water and release heat, easy to deliquescence.
3, Freezing point: according to local climate conditions, can be set up as low as -35'C to -45'C.

Snow Melting Agent

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