February 19, 2020

How to create a perfect kitchen

In the kitchen decoration, the addition of modern technology also brings meticulous and wonderful experience. Whether it is storage, preparation or cooking, several perfect kitchen details, like the stars in the World Cup, always appear properly. In a reasonable position, it will be beautiful and wonderful in the moment of life. So how to create a perfect kitchen, the following small series will tell you.

First, the corner storage

The corners of the kitchen are often overlooked. In fact, you can design the connecting frame, built-in pull ring or corner drawer to let the corners join the storage team. Not only make full use of the space, but because of the proximity to the cooking area, it is very easy to take the items that are pulled out.

Second, the sling

I felt annoyed when I hit the open wall of the hanging cabinet. The traditional hanging cabinets are mostly flat-pull type. When opening the cabinet door, it takes up space and affects the normal cooking operation. The Shangyu hanging cabinet solves this problem, and it is more convenient to find the things in the cabinet.

Third, the damping drawer, embedded rubber

More and more people like to put audio and TV in the kitchen, so that their cooking time can also be accompanied by sound effects. Then the noise generated by closing the doors and drawers is of course as small as possible. When the damper drawer is full of items, it can be automatically closed by the buffer of the slide rails, which is smooth and soothing, naturally eliminating the sound of the bumps in the "belly". The part of the door panel that is in contact with the box body can also be fully anti-collision by means of the embedded rubber particles, and is completely integrated with the box body from the surface, which is beautiful and practical.

Fourth, steady open the door and close the door

The hydraulic strut and the free stop strut can adjust the strength of the strut according to the weight of the door panel. The door panel can be stopped at any angle at will, and the opening of the door panel is silent. It should be noted that the struts should use two.

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