November 16, 2019

However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Huaguang Perovskite battery has reached 19.6%.

However, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of Huaguang Perovskite battery has reached 19.6%.

The photovoltaic conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells developed by Xiamen Weihua Solar Energy Co., Ltd. has reached 19.6%, which surpasses the conversion efficiency of the same type of batteries publicly announced by European, American, Japanese, and Korean research institutes, and has become the world's first.

Perovskite battery (PVSK) is an organic-inorganic hybrid type, MAPbX3 as a light-absorbing material, and a new type of solar cell with electron and hole transport material. Its thickness before packaging is only a few micrometers, which is far thinner than conventional thin-film solar cells such as amorphous silicon and CIGS. The cost is only one-third that of other solar cell modules. Therefore, we named the perovskite solar cell as ultra-thin Solar battery.

At present, the majority share of the photovoltaic market is still polycrystalline silicon batteries. To achieve market recognition for the new generation of solar cells, at least three things must be achieved: first, to be close to polysilicon in terms of efficiency; second, to be on the price Below it; finally, the life of the component is also close to it. The second generation of conventional thin-film solar cells are generally produced by vapor deposition, requiring high temperature and vacuum conditions.

Among the three most successful batteries – CIGS, CuInS and CdTe, they are already close to polysilicon in terms of efficiency, but they have no advantage in terms of cost compared to mass-produced polysilicon, and the high temperature process has limited the choice of substrate and multi-sections. Battery technology application. The third-generation organic solar cells can be produced at a low temperature by a solution method, and can also be used in a roll-to-roll production method. With a flexible substrate, the cost is relatively large compared to the previous generation of batteries, but at present, its highest efficiency is just After 10%, to achieve market-oriented applications, we need to further improve efficiency.

Ultrathin-film solar cells, and perovskite solar energy technology, combine the advantages of thin-film solar cells and organic solar cells. With an efficiency of over 15%, they can be produced at sub-150°C or flexible substrates.

From a technical point of view, the first-generation solar cells made of inorganic semiconductor materials such as crystalline silicon and gallium arsenide have shown high conversion efficiency, but the production process requires vacuum or high-temperature conditions, and the cost is high.

Second-generation solar cells, including CIGS, CdTe, and amorphous silicon, also face similar problems. Emerging third-generation solar cells, such as quantum dot batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells, and organic solar cells, can be fabricated using solution methods such as printing and spraying, which greatly reduce manufacturing costs, but due to problems such as low charge separation efficiency, Relative to other solar cell technologies, the efficiency is relatively low.

Perovskite solar cells not only possess the characteristics of high conversion efficiency of the first generation of solar cells, but also have the characteristics of third-generation solar cell films and flexibility, and can be used for solution-to-volume production of solutions. Therefore, perovskite solar cells, which we call ultra-thin-film solar cells, are the most promising.

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