November 16, 2019

Small and wonderful small living room TV wall renderings

The living room is a very important home space in a living room, and the living room TV wall is an important element in the living room. The decoration is still to be created, so that the style and effect can be added to the living room. Small living room space will generally not exceed 16 square meters, generally are sofas, coffee table, TV cabinet 3 in one to the design of the living room to meet, in fact, a small living room TV wall renderings and many other designs can make the space does not look like So boring and simple. The following Xiao Bian has arranged some small living room TV wall renderings for you, although it is not a luxury tune, but to create a wonderful living room, how can you lose the same wonderful TV wall, come and enjoy it together.

Small living room TV wall renderings

The small-sized living room decoration, style selection, in fact, is very critical. Such a small apartment living room, modern minimalist style design, with light colors and stylish bedroom, bright and transparent. Home decoration effect picture TV wall, this example of the TV wall created out of green, full of some life, for the color of the small home to score.

Small living room TV wall renderings

This small living room TV wall effect map stripe with a dot TV background and a rounded bay window makes the space seem to increase on the one hand, and on the other hand, the actual usage area really increases. The TV background wall is spliced ​​with four wallpapers. It is not easy for people to see it. The sofa is selected from the American pastoral style. The fabric is very comfortable to touch. The coffee table is made of bright black plastic glass. The Bay window is decorated on the side of the storage cabinet. It is not done high enough to allow items to be placed on it. This will allow enough books to be read. You can also put some gadgets on it.

Small living room TV wall renderings

As you can see, this small living room TV wall effect wall picture is decorated with striped wallpaper. The main white color is comfortable and quiet. The white fabric sofa, the fresh little TV cabinet and the space are sweetly matched, each one is exquisite and delicate. The living room furniture is naturally quiet with the striped wall design, and the generous design style gives more comfortable life to enjoy. Gently open the window and the sweet air comes.

Small living room TV wall renderings

This rural-style small living room TV wall effect map decoration design strives to show a fresh, natural rural style. Incorporating fresh natural colors - green, soft green fabric sofas and floral decorative TV backdrops - this is more natural and simple, giving the occupants a pleasant mood and a romantic living space while creating a More feminine mood.

Editor's Note: A small wall, which is simple and not well designed, should pay attention to the overall design of the house and have its own characteristics. How to make a small living room TV wall and watch the above small living room TV Wall renderings, are you inspired?

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